WDPPU valves


Proportional spool valve with a high power density

The WDPPU valves are direct operated proportional spool valves in cartridge construction which are largely made of steel. The body of the cartridge has been gas-nitro-carburised in accordance with the K8 standard

and the slip-on coils are zinc nickel coated. The inner workings of the movable parts of these valves mainly consist of hardened steel, in order to guarantee greater precision as well as low hysteresis and leakage.

  • WDPPU08 with a maximum pressure of 350 bar and a maximum flow of 23 l/min.
  • WDPPU10 with a maximum pressure of 350 bar and a maximum flow of 28 l/min.
Product description

The WDPPU08 and WDPPU10 proportional spool valves are characterised by their very compact design. The valves are direct operated and not load compensated. They work according to the so-called pull-push principle. With the control of the solenoids, the direction of the volume flow P -> A or P -> B can be selected. Due to their high power density, these valves are particularly used in industry and mobile hydraulics. Thanks to the relatively high volume flows, a low hysteresis and a sensitive response characteristic, they are, i.e., used in precise, well controllable, however softly controlled hydraulic drives.

In Register 13, various amplifier and controller modules for the control are available. www.wandfluh.com

  • Precise and smooth response characteristic
  • Low hysteresis
  • Increased maximum ambient temperature of up to 70 °C with full capacity
  • Exchangeable solenoid coils
  • 12 VDC and 24 VDC execution
  • Available with DIN, AMP Junior Timer and Deutsch connector as standard
  • Sensitive adjustment of pressure, resp. flow volume
  • Speed control of hydro motors
  • Cylinder control and positioning
  • Individual adjustment of the angle for rotor blades in the energy sector
WDPPU083/4“-16 UNFData sheet-No. 1.10-2710
WDPPU107/8“-14 UNFData sheet-No. 1.10-2720
Further information

Further information can be found on the mentioned data sheets and on www.wandfluh.com. Or we will be happy to advise you in the selection of he suitable components or in the layout of your application.