WVPPM33 / WVPPM42 Proportional valve


Proportional spool valves in cartridge construction

These valves are hydraulically actuated proportional spool valves in cartridge construction. The spool and sleeve are made

of hardened steel, and according to the K8 standard, the external parts are zinc/nickel-coated.

  • M33 Proportional spool valve with a maximum pressure of 350 bar and a maximum flow of 150 l/min.
  • M42 Proportional spool valve with a maximum pressure of 315 bar and a maximum flow of 250 l/min.
Product description

The proportional spool valves WVPPM33 and WVPPM42 are characterised by their very compact construction type. The robust design does not just withstand the very high pressures and flow rates, but as a result of the K8 standard, it also copes with adverse environmental influences. On account of the dimensioning of the valves, the control takes place hydraulically via a pilot valve which is mostly incorporated directly in the control block. Proportional to the pilot pressure, the spool opening and volume flow increase which thanks to the optimum form of the spool makes very sensitive and smooth movement sequences possible.

In register 2.3 and 1.13, various pilot valves are available which are suitable for the hydraulic control of the WVPPM family. www.wandfluh.com

  • Compact construction
  • Designed for very high pressures
  • Sensitive and smooth movement sequences even with large dimensioning
  • High resolution with low hysteresis
  • Low leakage volume flow


  • Sensitive control of the pressure, resp. of the flow for instance by means of a joystick
  • Speed control of hydro motors
  • Cylinder controls and positionings
  • With wide ambient temperature range


Data sheet 1.10-2310
Data sheet 1.10-2410
CartridgeM33 x 2M42 x 2
Pmax (maximum pressure)350 bar315 bar
Pv (pilot pressure)4.5...30 bar4.5...30 bar
Q (volume flow range)0...150 l/min0...250 l/min
QN (nominal volume flow)90 l/min150 l/min
Leakage volume flow at 200 bar< 0.4 l/min< 0.5 l/min
Ambient temperature-30...90 °C-30...90 °C
Weight0.8 kg1.4 kg
Further information

Further information can be found on the mentioned data sheets and on www.wandfluh.com. Or we will be happy to advise you in the selection of he suitable components or in the layout of your application.