Systems China

Wandfluh system R&D department has 60 years of experience in the design, production and service of the hydraulic industry. We provide customers demanding applications with hydraulic systems and products, as well as one-stop total integrated solutions.

Design & Development

The R&D department consists of highly qualified hydraulic and electronic engineers. Through comprehensive cooperation with customers, in-depth understanding of technical problems, the use of 3D modeling, flow field simulation and other methods, to find the optimal design scheme and continue to optimize the reliability, environmental protection, cost control or space system attributes. We are…

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Production & Quality

Stable quality is the foundation of high quality products. The highest quality standard of Swiss manufacture is that of Wandfluh. We insist that all Wandfluh components are manufactured in an automated plant located at Frutigen Factory assemblers have many years of assembly experience to ensure production process reliable installation. Every component, every power unit, every system must pass…

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Service & After sales

Wandfluh system service engineers and technical developers will help you install and debug the equipment. Through the field of professional debugging, will make your product to achieve the best working condition. The system service department can also perform regular maintenance and modification of the Wandfluh hydraulic system or other hydraulic systems to keep the best condition of your…

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